22. What Is The Most Important Lesson I Have Learned?

True love and true joy can only come from within. When we find love and happiness outside of ourselves, that also means it is something that can be stripped from us. Then where are we? People change and leave. Circumstances change. Material possessions come and go. If our love, joy, meaning, and purpose come from within, it can never be taken from us. We are whole alone, which means finding external love and sources of happiness will just be icing on the cake, but if they are lost, we remain whole. Perhaps saddened for a time, but love, joy, and purpose within remain intact.

The greatest journey is that of self-discovery. Who are we? Whose are we? Why are we here? What is holding us back? Of what are we afraid and why? Does it get any better than this? What is the true source of love and joy?

These are questions I am finally answering and beginning to understand at much greater depths. This is my passion, along with assisting and encouraging others along the same journey! Who wants to walk with me?

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

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