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83. Shadows Of The Past With Messages For Our Future

I’ve always been greatly moved by carefully chosen words. They are powerful catalysts, that can strike the deepest recesses of our soul with surgical precision. They meander through our thoughts, hauntingly at times, as shadows of the past, with messages for our future. In riddling language, often puzzling to our current conscious awareness, truths are often brought to light through the shared stories and experiences of others. These often require a healthy dose of marination or steeping, before we are fully infused with the accompanying knowledge and understanding that enables us to put them into practice. Sometimes this permeation takes minutes, sometimes decades will pass. Nevertheless, this is the depth of language and imagery that I both cherish and crave!

I made a new connection today with a fellow writer and deep thinker on social media. I always love it when I stumble across someone or something new, that feels as comfortable as an old shoe! It’s as if I’ve met up with an old friend who’s been absent for years, but can pick right back up where we left off! As the conversation quickly unfolded, one comment in particular caught my attention. They said,

“Your words resonate with a knowledge of life that we innately know, but have almost forgotten.”

What a beautifully depicted statement that stirs my soul in ways that are difficult to articulate! It’s not only humbling, but I share these words that they might be further investigated by others as well! There is such great treasure here to be unearthed, should we choose to pursue it. We play so many roles in this theater we call life. It serves us well to look at our parts in greater detail from time to time!

These words literally beckon us to step back into our “knowing.” They are a reminder that we each play a role in helping others to remember, both our origins, and our purpose or calling, if you will. They inspire both seeking and sharing the depths that have been traversed, which seem to have become somewhat of a lost art in our often superficial society. They are the remembrance that it’s in sharing our journeys and stories that we often ignite within others the kindling that has been carefully placed, but sitting dry and untended for far too long. There is great synergy at work here. There are so many hearths, ripe with tinder and ready to blaze, that have yet to encounter the needed spark to be passionately consumed. Our raw experiences, willing vulnerability, and authentic exchanges are desperately needed to not only encourage, but help fuel the passions of others, as we each search for our paths of significance.

For so many of us, there is a hint or a quiet whisper that relentlessly, yet stealthfully inhabits the recesses of our hearts and minds, calling us forward to so much more. Momentary glimpses and fleeting Déjà vu call attention to what will once again quickly be forgotten if we’re not mindful. The distractions of the moment devour our resources and call attention away from the road within, that we should be paying much closer attention to. These experiences, whether with people or places, are much like road signs. They give us advanced warning that there are things ahead, in the immediate distance, we would do well to pay close attention to.

For me, it all comes back to there being no such thing as coincidence. I believe every individual person and situation we encounter along the way has something important to teach us. The question becomes, will we remain oblivious, or carefully inspect each new piece of information, asking what we have to learn from this particular appointment, and how it might fit in our journey? The beauty in these endeavors comes when hindsight provides the occasional kaleidoscope . It’s these beautiful windows with an epic view, that allow us to briefly look back and see how many isolated pieces of our past have been woven together to create an incredibly exquisite picture within our present!

My prayer is that we remain open to fully investigating the purpose of each person and situation we encounter throughout our odyssey, and that we never stop being willing to share our lessons and insights with others, who might still be waiting for that initial spark!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

45. Scar Of The Tongue

scarsWords carry such incredible weight. As a writer, I put a great deal of thought into each word before it spills out onto the page. The alteration of a single word can dramatically change the context and meaning of a phrase, which can be interpreted far differently than my original intent. Knowing that the reader can only draw substance from that which I’ve carefully laid before them, and with no further physical clues beyond, I deliberately scrutinize every word and sentence, to insure my meaning is clear.

Writing buys us the time to be discerning in this way. Heavily contemplating what we wish to convey, prior to doing so. Not so with the spoken word. We have a tendency to expel them in a haphazard, unchecked manner when we’re face to face with another, especially when emotions are in a heightened state. We don’t seem to take the same time and prudence in choosing our words when dealing directly with individuals. We rarely hear of a writer coming forward apologizing for words used in haste, as that’s seldom the case in written form. Yet, we continually wrestle with guilt, shame, and regret over injurious words spoken in carelessness, driven by strong emotions, that create a wake of destruction in their path. These are only heightened by the physical cues that accompany them, such as tone of voice, facial expression, & body language.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few years revisiting, reframing, and healing deeply damaging beliefs about myself and devastation that has been inflicted by harshly spoken, careless, or in many cases intentionally wounding words. The degree of impact it has had, bleeding over into every area of my life, has been far more significant than I ever imagined. The old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” could not be further from the truth. Words can and do cause utter devastation and can break a spirit beyond recognition. As children and even young adults, we are so greatly influenced by how we are spoken to and the messages those words convey, as they are often taken to heart.

Choose your words wisely and always consider the potential damage they can do. Words can never be unsaid once they’ve escaped our lips. We have the choice whether we use our words to build up or tear down those we encounter. Wounds will heal, but the scars from the tongue remain. The power of life and death itself resides in this mighty  member. Wield it with the great weight of responsibility.

This is a poem I wrote several years ago as a reminder that our spoken words can devastate lives. Having long been on both the receiving and giving end, and enduring the aftermath, I am far slower to speak these days, and mindful of the power that my expressed words hold.

Scar Of The Tongue

With mastery the match began
Opponents both well armed
The weapons used for this great fight
Intended to do harm
Striking here and stabbing there
With each increasing blow
I watched the anger rise
As the self esteem dropped low
The tongue was like a dagger
As it hurled such hateful words
The damage irreversible
Once these things had been heard
With tension quickly rising
And the knowledge none would win
Both walked away still angry
Unresolved and still in sin
Although the surface wounds would heal
A scar would still remain
Reminding us the tongue’s
A wicked weapon we must tame

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby