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54. The Transformative Nature Of Snow 

snowAs a native Floridian (Yes, I’m aware you may not have known we existed, but I’m living proof not all are transplants!) and spending the majority of my life growing up on the beach, I find it interesting the level of love and desire I have to be in the presence of snow.

Living in Tennessee now, I rarely see it. Maybe once or twice a year if I’m lucky, sometimes not even that. Watching those magnificent flakes fall from the sky, dancing in the breeze and gently landing where they choose to transform whatever landscape they kiss, is just exciting to me!

Maybe it’s because the snow temporarily transforms all that is gray, blanketing everything within sight in newness and exquisite wonder. If it were just this, I would imagine I would be content to just watch from inside my warm space, as these little white wonders do their work. It’s more than that. I want to walk in it. I want to make footprints where none are yet visible. I want to build a snowman, lay on the ground and make snow angels, and of course, engage in an extraordinarily fun and rousing round of snowball fighting! I want my senses to be enveloped in it. I want to see it, feel it, taste it, and engage it in every possible way.

I find myself yearning for snow every time winter arrives and I see my friends post all their white wonderlands! I constantly hear from others that the only reason I like it is because I don’t have to live in it. They believe that surely once I’ve dealt with the pains of winter, I would change my mind. On the contrary, I lived in Michigan for a little while and no matter how much it snowed, I never had my fill! EVER!

There’s something poetic about snow! I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but I strive to find what’s lovely in every moment of this life! Snow, to me, is just simply something that can turn the average into the extraordinary. It’s a reminder, that no matter how tattered, worn, dingy, and often even desolate something might be, snow has the ability to turn that into magnificence, with little to no effort on its own, just by being present!

I suppose if you really think about it, that’s the role we play in this life as well. We too are transformers, just as those beautiful little flakes. The love we are called to radiate blankets our environments in beauty, changing perspective, and completely transmuting what might have earlier been labeled as an unpleasant or even hostile environment! It’s amazing what a blanket can cover, whether that be snow or love!

So next time you see those little white flakes drifting to the ground, remember it’s more than mere precipitation! It’s symbolic of the potential of love, sent to cover a multitude of ills, reminding us that incredible beauty can be seen in anything, when it has been gently kissed by a majestic and quite transfiguring layer of love!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby