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67. Walking Into The Places We Fear

As children, our hopes, our dreams were mountains to be climbed and conquered. Not knowing any better, never once did we stop to evaluate all that could potentially hold us back or do us harm. Instead, in our lacking experience and naiveté, we focused solely on capturing the flag at the summit’s peak. The excitement of the journey and the conquest kept us fixated on the prize, and able to push through anything that got in our way, without the need to analyze or understand it first.

What we never thought twice about in those earlier years, seems now to holds us prisoner, as experiences of pain and fear paralyze our progress and we remain powerless in our restraints. Our thoughts hold us captive, as we consider the agonizing possibilities that could await us. Days have turned into weeks, and weeks into years, as we’ve watched time pass by the place where we have remained anxiously suspended.

The flame that once burned brightly within, powerfully driving our engine, has dulled to a flickering ember that we guard carefully. As an act of preservation, we hold our breath and carefully build walls, deep and high, around our sacred ember; protecting it from any sudden, unexpected burst of wind that could endanger its longevity and render it extinct. All the while, not recognizing that a fresh breath of air is the very thing needed to fan our ember once again to a consuming flame.

If we’re quiet, and we listen carefully, we can still hear the faint cry of our fading dreams, beckoning for attention and pleading for action. What we often choose instead is noise and busyness in our place of stagnation, to drown out and help us forget those amazing journeys we’ve fearfully elected to ignore.

Our anxious thoughts cry out that there’s safety in dormancy, for if we never venture, we never risk injury or pain. Yet, our unfulfilled, discontented hearts grieve and yearn for so much more, as do the lives of those who lie waiting; those we were supposed to have touched along our path, but never encountered, as we chose the refuge of solitude instead.

We are being called now to go courageously walking into the places we fear. At first glance, these dark, imposing regions overcome our senses with trepidation. Yet, we are being reminded that within our hearts is a bright beacon, able to illuminate any dark spaces we find ourselves within, so our path remains clear and visible. Quiet those raging thoughts, sweet soul. Breathe deeply and know that all darkness and fear is dispelled when brought into the light. We are being summoned to renew our dreams and purpose, even in the face of uncertainty, knowing what lies beyond is far greater than any discomfort we may encounter along the way, and we’ve been given all we need to move forward fearlessly.

The very safety we have been seeking has itself become our dungeon. Instead, breathe in the beauty, expansion, and wisdom gained by journeying forward. It pours over our being as a healing balm, mending the wounds of our past and sealing our future fate with courage, strength, and fortitude. Understand that to remain stagnant is to withhold our own healing and that of others we are meant to reach. It is in facing our fears and stepping forward that we become healed and whole.

Choose this day to walk forward in your light, rendering darkness and fear incapable, and accomplishing that which was set before us to carry out. Know that we are loved and supported fully. All we need to complete the journey ahead of us has already been provided, and will be present as the need arises. Our only task is to allow our light to shine in the darkness and engage the steps that need to be taken this day. Set the thoughts and worries of tomorrow to rest, knowing a way is always made. It is in this space that the miraculous unfolds.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby