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53. The Wind Of Change

winds-of-changeThere is a strong breeze blowing
No doubt the wind of change
A stirring deep within my soul
My heart it feels so strange
For deep inside me brewing
Breaking forth from walls and fear
A desire such I’ve never known
A passion I hold dear
Stepping into authenticity
Shedding all that is untrue
Releasing all pretenses
Letting go of points of view
That have kept me as a prisoner
In this darkened cell of mine
As I step now beyond these walls
I know this is my time
To begin a brand new chapter
And with fear behind me now
I walk with trust and confidence
Even though not knowing how
All the pieces fit together
I yet trust there is a plan
And if by chance fear should arise
I know you’ll take my hand
And continue walking with me
As together come what may
There is nothing that we cannot do
No force within our way
That a bond like this can’t conquer
So I welcome now the wind
In humility and gratitude
Steadfastly til the end

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

45. Scar Of The Tongue

scarsWords carry such incredible weight. As a writer, I put a great deal of thought into each word before it spills out onto the page. The alteration of a single word can dramatically change the context and meaning of a phrase, which can be interpreted far differently than my original intent. Knowing that the reader can only draw substance from that which I’ve carefully laid before them, and with no further physical clues beyond, I deliberately scrutinize every word and sentence, to insure my meaning is clear.

Writing buys us the time to be discerning in this way. Heavily contemplating what we wish to convey, prior to doing so. Not so with the spoken word. We have a tendency to expel them in a haphazard, unchecked manner when we’re face to face with another, especially when emotions are in a heightened state. We don’t seem to take the same time and prudence in choosing our words when dealing directly with individuals. We rarely hear of a writer coming forward apologizing for words used in haste, as that’s seldom the case in written form. Yet, we continually wrestle with guilt, shame, and regret over injurious words spoken in carelessness, driven by strong emotions, that create a wake of destruction in their path. These are only heightened by the physical cues that accompany them, such as tone of voice, facial expression, & body language.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few years revisiting, reframing, and healing deeply damaging beliefs about myself and devastation that has been inflicted by harshly spoken, careless, or in many cases intentionally wounding words. The degree of impact it has had, bleeding over into every area of my life, has been far more significant than I ever imagined. The old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” could not be further from the truth. Words can and do cause utter devastation and can break a spirit beyond recognition. As children and even young adults, we are so greatly influenced by how we are spoken to and the messages those words convey, as they are often taken to heart.

Choose your words wisely and always consider the potential damage they can do. Words can never be unsaid once they’ve escaped our lips. We have the choice whether we use our words to build up or tear down those we encounter. Wounds will heal, but the scars from the tongue remain. The power of life and death itself resides in this mighty  member. Wield it with the great weight of responsibility.

This is a poem I wrote several years ago as a reminder that our spoken words can devastate lives. Having long been on both the receiving and giving end, and enduring the aftermath, I am far slower to speak these days, and mindful of the power that my expressed words hold.

Scar Of The Tongue

With mastery the match began
Opponents both well armed
The weapons used for this great fight
Intended to do harm
Striking here and stabbing there
With each increasing blow
I watched the anger rise
As the self esteem dropped low
The tongue was like a dagger
As it hurled such hateful words
The damage irreversible
Once these things had been heard
With tension quickly rising
And the knowledge none would win
Both walked away still angry
Unresolved and still in sin
Although the surface wounds would heal
A scar would still remain
Reminding us the tongue’s
A wicked weapon we must tame

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

36. Wonderfully Made

mirrorWhat Is Beauty?

When you hear someone described as beautiful, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Do you think of their outward beauty, or the condition of their soul? In today’s society, beauty is often skin deep. There is such tremendous emphasis placed on external beauty alone, without taking into account the value of the entire being. Some of the most beautiful souls are easily dismissed because their exterior wasn’t considered runway material. What a great loss for those who seek the external alone. Their lives could be forever changed by encountering such a beautiful soul.

Why Do We Seek What We Do?

We have become a superficial society, in so many aspects of the word. We often spend much of our lives chasing after those things that are temporal. Wealth, external beauty, & fame are all perfect examples of things that bring temporary joy, yet can quickly fade. There’s nothing wrong with having any of these. Yet, when we really do the deep, internal questioning as to WHY we seek what we do, there’s a great deal to be discovered. Most choose not to ask those questions.

Peeling Away The Fleeting.

These last few years, I’ve been on a journey of self discovery. I’ve learned my true worth and value. The lessons experienced have stripped me bare, to the very core of my soul. Anything fleeting has been peeled away. I’ve been led to the place of recognizing my intrinsic value, which is established by myself and God alone. The opinions of others have no say in that appraisal. It took temporarily losing many of my external qualities, traits I had depended on for many years, to bring me to a place that focused solely on my internal being. Though it’s been one of the most challenging legs of my journey thus far, it’s also been the most rewarding and life-altering as well.

Why Do We Believe What We Do?

There’s much to be said about truly learning to love ourselves… unconditionally. It’s a strong statement, and the depth is far beyond what most are willing to pass through. Why? It’s uncomfortable, and sometimes downright painful to honestly look at ourselves in such vulnerable and revealing ways. It requires intense levels of deep introspection and questioning. We must strip back the layers of what we’ve been taught, and truly understand why we believe what we do about ourselves, whether or not those beliefs are actually true, and come face to face with those “what if” questions we are so desperately afraid of. We all have them, but it’s much easier to focus on the external and exert our energy in places that are far more comfortable to control.

Our Gifts Are Unique And Greatly Needed!

We’ve become chameleons or sorts. Society has taught us to morph to our environment, to fight for acceptance, and to only bare that which is common and well received within our circle. The truth of the matter is this… we are far more than we can possibly conceive and what we have to offer this world is unique and greatly needed. We are as individual as our fingerprint! There are no two the same, try as we might, so there is no comparison. The statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is completely true. Yet those that look deeply, beyond the veil of superficiality, not only find much greater beauty and meaning in this lifetime, they are also more profoundly impacted by it. In learning what I have about myself, it’s opened a far wider door to recognize the value within others. Not as they project, not as others might like to see them, but the value of their being and what gifts and talents they have brought to bestow on this amazing world. I don’t take that lightly.

Seek To Identify Beautiful In Others.

My challenge to each of us today is to look deeply beyond the exterior and into the core of the being of another. Excluding anything external, what do you see that is beautiful about them? Take the time to not only investigate it, but encourage them by sharing your findings. If we were more reassured by others, perhaps we might be more willing to step out and into our calling and soul purposes. Sadly, those gifts often get buried when we do. Let’s make an effort to not only encourage, but celebrate the uniqueness of those we encounter today.

This is a poem I wrote many years ago, but it holds a much deeper meaning for me today. Enjoy!

Wonderfully Made

I’m made wonderfully and perfectly
Skilled by His mighty hand
Not a detail did my God forget
My hair He formed each strand
He made me individual
Yes no one else like me
Therefore there is no comparison
With others that I see
Though some say I’m not as pretty
Looking through a partial eye
Tell me who has set the standard
That we judge each other by
Rather I believe a Sovereign God
Did form me with a plan
And in His eyes I’m pleased to know
He loves me as I am

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

35. Rewind

letgoWe often hear that hindsight is 20/20. While there’s a great deal of truth in that statement, hindsight is meant to be accessed as a temporal tool. It’s a means to gain momentary insight from the past, so those truths can be applied proactively in our future. A problem arises when hindsight becomes a state of being, rather than a periodic reflection. Living within that continual microscope of the past, calls into question actions and decisions that are no longer within our power to change.

We have been given the incredible gift of starting over each and every day. Those unresolved situations can eat us alive if we continue to ruminate on them. Considering the “what if’s” that could have potentially brought different outcomes, changes nothing and only adds to our discontent. There was a time when this was my continual state. The energy poured into past events beyond my control, robbed me of the joy I could have been experiencing in the moment. I share this poem as a reminder that we don’t have to rewind to find the peace and gratitude that comes with moving on from our past! We don’t need a do over! I’ve learned to set aside my regrets, and place my focus and energy in the present.

Today is the day to leave the past behind us and move forward in grace, truth, and gratitude! I encourage each of us to release a person or situation that still resides in those uncharted waters of our unresolved past. It is our choices and actions, and ours alone, that can free us from the bondage of the weight we have carried for so many years. I challenge us to close one of those chapters in the book of our lives today. Feel the freedom that comes with truly letting go. Share your gratitude in a journal entry about the situation or in a letter to that person imprisoned in your thoughts. There’s no better way to create an environment for healing, for all parties involved, should we choose to partake! Whether others choose to participate or not, our hearts will be remarkably lighter. I can already imagine the gratitude bubbling up to the surface as we release our weights! I hope you’ll join me, as this can be such a freeing exercise.


To go back and begin again
To know what I now know and apply it wisely the second time around
To right my wrongs
To carry out my fallen responsibilities

To love unafraid
To take the chances that fear had paralyzed
To be transparent all along
To feel both joy and pain instead of nothing

To touch the lives of others
To set myself aside and look far beyond
To risk all I have not for my own benefit
To forget my woes and address another’s

To learn to not build walls
To recognize the importance of the whole as well as the pieces
To remove my blinders that my vision might improve
To close my lips that destruction isn’t done

To guard my beliefs and not be swayed
To be a light to those who find themselves in darkness
To be a hand to hold
To help clear a path to follow

To be truly loved while here
To be truly missed when gone
To leave a legacy with significant impact
To know my life was lived with no regrets

This is what I wish if I could only rewind…

This was a poem I wrote many years ago from a place of longing for a better future, while residing in the perpetual past. I now spend my time in the present, with occasional glimpses backwards. The difference in mindset is stunning. I’m grateful for the shift.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

21. Heaven On Earth

connectBesides God, who truly knows the depths of our heart? Perhaps a glimpse has been given to those we’ve invited and allowed in. Even then, a full knowing is an uncommon, but coveted thing indeed. Tremendous transparency and trust are needed at these depths, along with a strong sense of self, evidenced from the prior deep soul work that manifested it. One such soul is a rare find. Two such souls would be heaven on earth.

Laura Lum Corby