I‘ve been learning some valuable lessons over the past couple of years, but one that shows itself time and again is dealing with those who turn away from help! It’s especially hard when something is presented that can completely eliminate the problems an individual is experiencing, is offered freely – no strings attached, yet they choose to dismiss it. I frequently wonder why individuals are drawn into my life, asking questions they really don’t want answers to, but I recognize there’s always much more to it than what we see on the

This has been a rather humbling week, and necessarily so! It’s been my experience that when I’m made aware of corrections I need to implement in my life, I’m only given grace to continue in those behaviors for so long before there’s a reckoning. This was one of those weeks and two of my recurring lessons of late have been the softening of my rough edges and the awareness of my need for more silence. My tears stream freely as it’s not an easy post to write. That’s generally the case when

Planning For Inclement Weather

In my quiet time today, I was thinking about the last few months of my life and what a complete and total chaotic experience it’s been. Never have I encountered such uncertainty and threat to my stability. I’ve grown stronger and expanded more in this current, but ever-changing terrain I’ve been attempting to navigate, than I have in my last 51 years combined. My life has reminded me of the evolving plans I encounter at my son’s school when there’s a likely inclement weather event. Tentative plans are

What’s Necessary To Build And Sustain Intimacy?

One of the greatest tragedies I see today is an inadequate understanding of what’s necessary to not only build, but also sustain intimacy in relationships. The nurturing of relationships often comes last in terms of priority. Couples are regularly inundated with busy work schedules, demanding financial pressures, juggling the responsibilities of children, and running a household. When the obligations of the day have been met, there is little to no time or energy left for stoking the fires that lead to the consuming flames of

Loving Myself Has Been My Greatest Challenge

I’ve always been a very empathetic and compassionate person. As one who deeply feels what others are experiencing, it makes it almost impossible to not be commiserate. In many situations, that charity has extended to a fault, as there’s a fine line between assisting others and enabling them. There’s also a fine line between assisting others and doing so to my own detriment. It’s taken years to learn and set those boundaries, and even so, loving others has rarely been a difficult factor for me.

Hold my hand and walk with me. Speak deeply with your eyes and let your heart smile brightly upon me. Be tender with your touch and fierce in your love. For the fierceness can break through the walls, but the tenderness is needed to help heal the wounds found behind the once mighty fortress. Love & Light, Laura Lum Corby

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