JeansQuite some time ago, one of my oldest, but most comfortable pair of jeans got snagged. I must have rubbed up against something sharp unknowingly, which pulled a thread and caused a small snag. It was no big deal really, just one little thread, not even sticking out very far, but I still noticed it. I tried pulling the thread through to the inside of the jeans, so the default wouldn’t be visible from the outside. Chances are, no one would have ever noticed it from that point forward. No one except me,

13882241_1250721041629082_2699936018883920071_nThis is so true. There’s a very false belief that if we allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable or painful emotions, it will be more than we can handle. So we stuff them down, deep inside, hidden away, never to see the light of day, yet they don’t ever disappear as we hope. They fester and continually rise to the surface to be met with being pushed down again. A vicious cycle that never resolves anything and adds synergistically to the decline of our health and happiness. Oh that we would embrace the

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