I don’t typically post articles here, but the article below from was well worth posting! There are some key factors at play here. It is generally our own underlying issues that are brewing below the surface that prime our pumps for reactivity when encountering negative situations and people. If we can take a step back and recognize when someone is being rude or behaving badly, it is ALWAYS about what’s happening in THEIR internal landscape and is never personal and about us. Likewise, how we choose to react to a negative situation is ALWAYS about our own issues, not

We’re here to experience, learn, grow, & then teach what we’ve learned to others! We all have varying purposes here, whether we write, sing, draw, build, encourage, or wash windows, but it’s all about being in service to one another & helping one another along in this journey! None of us got where we are without the help of others, & it’s so important we not only recognize that, but set out to be that difference for someone else! You never know… what you might think is a small involvement on someone else’s behalf, could be life changing or even

I wrote a post about a movie called Love Happens quite a while ago. I ran across the movie again today and thought reposting this was poignant, considering the current social climate we find ourselves in. I’m totally over psychobabble, & let’s face it, it’s everywhere we look. The “soul whisperers” are a dime a dozen and have mastered the role of “playing” the expert, often while their own lives are busting at the seams with ignored dysfunction, all while leading others to believe they have it all together. I crave vulnerability… real, authentic people who are not afraid to

IntimacyWhat we long for is to be unconditionally loved by that one who sees something special in everything about us. This is not someone who is blind to our shortcomings, but rather one that sees our perfect imperfection and chooses to love us in both our darkness, as well as our light, knowing that deep level of love is what will draw that darkness out and help heal it. The heart longs for that one committed to walk side by side through the fires, companionship in both joyous and treacherous parts

I find that my life of late seems to be a series of episodes that involve emotional turmoil regarding things I have managed to neatly tuck away in the depths, so as not to experience the emotional discomfort associated with them. Yes, OK, fine… Let’s call it what it is, DENIAL! That is then followed with the unpleasantness of exhuming such, experiencing and then accepting the lessons that came with these less than preferable episodes. Then, just as I no longer can fathom the possibility of an increase in my emotional overwhelmedness and discomfort, I experience the freedom, lightness and

GuiltWe are all products of our environment and our upbringing plays an enormous role in how we interpret and respond to situations in our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But what about how we respond to ourselves? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies waging war in that battlefield of our mind. Guilt and conviction are two areas that are often misinterpreted and can turn into a whipping post of sorts, if we are not able to process through and resolve the issues at hand, as well as recognize the origin

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