I was listening to U2’s, “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” today. It got me thinking, and I realized that much of the time we don’t have an exact idea of what it is we’re looking for. Though we may often feel we haven’t found “IT” yet, putting our finger on exactly what “IT” is, can be a challenge. We recognize our soul is calling out for more, and we feel in our core that something is still missing. Yet, what exactly are we pursuing and how do we go about

There Is Always More To Come This picture speaks hope to me! It’s a reminder that below the abandoned, rusty, locked away, deep recesses within that have been long forgotten, or at least attempted… there is still life looking for an opportunity to spring forth from the decay and hidden pain. It’s a reminder that just when we think we are finished, there is always more to come. Love & Light, Laura Lum Corby

No One Can Make Us Feel Or Behave Inappropriately I recently noticed a post in one of my social media feeds. It started off with, “I hate it when people make me behave badly,” and continued on with the story of being wronged by another, and the justification of their angered behavior that followed. I was a bit surprised by the statement. I continued to read, hoping I could find clarification for such an account, as I know that no one can make us feel or behave inappropriately! That’s completely on us,

I‘ve always been greatly moved by carefully chosen words. They are powerful catalysts, that can strike the deepest recesses of our soul with surgical precision. They meander through our thoughts, hauntingly at times, as shadows of the past, with messages for our future. In riddling language, often puzzling to our current conscious awareness, truths are often brought to light through the shared stories and experiences of others. These often require a healthy dose of marination or steeping, before we are fully infused with the accompanying knowledge and understanding that enables us to

I ran across a post in my social media feed today, that I believe could benefit from some clarification. This is not the first instance I have witnessed acceptance under fire! It seems to be popping up a good bit lately, which tells me there is a need for acceptance to be better understood and more clearly defined. Here’s the post in question: “This movement to be comfortable with our bodies has made us comfortable with being sick.” Dr. Garth Davis, M.D. Weight Loss Surgeon I can’t speak for

I saw this post recently, and some very interesting responses to it on a friends wall. Does creativity have to come from suffering? I don’t believe it does. This is simply my perspective, but thought it was worth sharing. The link to the original article is below, for reference. As an artist in many forms (music, writing, and more) I used to think all works were driven from struggle, pain, and suffering, as all of mine once were. As I’ve done more deep, internal soul work to address my core false beliefs

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