80. We Cannot Do This Alone, Nor Were We Ever Intended To

Here’s my latest observation in my own life, though I can’t speak for others. In the midst of our deepest struggles, we have a tendency to pull away in fear and isolate, not recognizing that the deepest camaraderie we hold with select others, is what encourages and supports us when we are not in a place to correctly support ourselves. We cannot do this alone, nor were we ever intended to.

It is the choice of the ego/mind to isolate, protecting our vulnerability and keeping our deepest secrets and fears hidden (this is shame, though it is falsely masked as strength). Only ego/mind entreats us to handle our issues alone, with a false narrative of safety and courageous strength!

The greatest courage is found in vulnerability and the willingness to let others partake in the sharing of our heavy load, where energy and strength can be imparted by another, when ours has waned. We are never alone in our struggles. Though we often feel very solitary, there are so many others who face our same battles, and we are here to love, support, encourage, and lend strength to one another, without judgment! That is our greatest gift and purpose!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby


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2 thoughts on “80. We Cannot Do This Alone, Nor Were We Ever Intended To

  1. Bingo!!!! We are not limited to our physical boundaries. We are physical that’s fore sure, but we are also existing in a relationship entanglement that is non-physical and magical to our material-only mindsets. I’m discovering that we have been allowing a synthetic world to materialize in our attachment to, and the projection from our self-installed, disempowering self-beliefs, that tell us that we are alone and separate. This is the great awakening that is now in full swing – so exciting! As we gather more in the spirit of mutual empowerment, everything changes 🙂 Yehaaa! Ease, grace and fun!

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