79. Defending My Beliefs

Perception is a fascinating thing! I used to believe everything I knew to be true was unquestionably so, and I was willing to go to the ends of the earth defending my beliefs. My how things have changed! I still have incredibly strong beliefs and convictions, yet how I process that information is so very different!

In the past, as someone presented their perspective, I was busy formulating my argument to crush the opposition and prove why I was correct. I was highly skilled in debate and rarely lost an argument. My mother said I missed my calling as a defense attorney! Yes, a bit of ego resided there, but I could more appropriately call it a huge dose of fear and cognitive dissonance, as if all I believed crumbled, where would that leave me? Certainly not in a place of safety or feeling secure.

The difference now is that I listen to all sides and perspectives judiciously. Weighing heavily all information against what I currently believe to be true. I consider everything. What I’ve found is sometimes my perspective is correct, many times it may be partially correct but in need of adjustment, but sometimes it’s just flat wrong and needs to be completely shifted.

My greatest obstacle to growth was the belief I was right. By being open to other possibilities, I unlocked the door to expansion I never could have imagined. By simply saying it was possible that I could be wrong, therefore it was in my best interest to listen and discern, I began to change, and without a doubt for the better.

My greatest lessons have taught me that the more I learn, the more I realize I know very little and am far better served by listening intently, rather than speaking. I forget that at times, but it’s never long before I’m quickly reminded. I pray that I always remain in a state of possibility, willing to look at and consider everything presented, before discarding anything from the place of me knowing better.

We are all here to love, encourage, support, and teach one another. May we ALWAYS be open to each of these as we journey forward.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

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4 thoughts on “79. Defending My Beliefs

  1. Great post Laura! Being open to other perspectives is so powerful! And I’m finding that questioning mine, especially the ones I hold so tightly too, is also very powerful. In many ways, every time I say I “Know” something, I close off doors to possibilities, I think we want to get to a “knowing:” state so we can feel safer, but its a false safety if we attach so rigidly to it. Such an important conversation! Thanks for initiating it!

  2. Love the picture! Perception has so much to do with what someone believes to be their reality, and everyone’s perception is different. Amazing insight. WE NEVER KNOW 100% if we are right about anything. ESPECIALLY when we are judging others! We will never know the whole story or all the details leading up to an event or someone’s behavior. We are NEVER in the position to judge. So just spread some grace people! 🙂

    1. Exactly, and that’s just it…
      It’s often those times I would have bet I was absolutely correct about something, that I’m quietly shown there may be another way of looking at it!

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