62. Time And Depth

time-and-depthOh that someone could hear the music in my head, the melody that walks along side the words I write. How I wish I could convey the depths that I’ve been taken to, the language of which seems to be foreign and misunderstood. What I would give to somehow articulate the bliss that’s found at the end of each difficult fork in the road, as so many stop before ever reaching it. Though I dislike difficulty, I’ve also learned to appreciate the struggle and what comes as a reward if I continue on. It’s a love-hate relationship in so many ways, but growth always comes at a price, a price I have found is well worth paying. How I crave camaraderie, understanding, and most of all meaning, as emptiness seems to abound in this microwave world I’ve found myself in. Where are those who reach for more, who intuitively seek below the surface to find the true answers that only time and depth reveal? Is this a solitary journey, or will others eventually appear, as lost family, reuniting after a long separation, who get me and know my soul? Do we not all long to be known and understood, even if just by one? I suppose time and depth will expose those answers as well, so I move forward in my journey, hopeful they are soon in coming.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby


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4 thoughts on “62. Time And Depth

  1. I believe that many of us have always sensed that there’s *something more* but exactly what it is, where it is, when it will appear, and of course how it will manifest have remained unanswered questions in my life, and quite possibly in the lives of many others.

    Thank you Laura for so openly sharing your journey of self-discovery!

    1. It’s a question I think most of us ask often Chad, if we’re honest with ourselves. It’s in sharing our journeys & being open that we pave the way for others to realize they are not alone in their questions & struggles. There’s great comfort in knowing that! If my writing provides even a small amount of solace & camaraderie to another, I’m both pleased & humbled!

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