53. The Wind Of Change

winds-of-changeThere is a strong breeze blowing
No doubt the wind of change
A stirring deep within my soul
My heart it feels so strange
For deep inside me brewing
Breaking forth from walls and fear
A desire such I’ve never known
A passion I hold dear
Stepping into authenticity
Shedding all that is untrue
Releasing all pretenses
Letting go of points of view
That have kept me as a prisoner
In this darkened cell of mine
As I step now beyond these walls
I know this is my time
To begin a brand new chapter
And with fear behind me now
I walk with trust and confidence
Even though not knowing how
All the pieces fit together
I yet trust there is a plan
And if by chance fear should arise
I know you’ll take my hand
And continue walking with me
As together come what may
There is nothing that we cannot do
No force within our way
That a bond like this can’t conquer
So I welcome now the wind
In humility and gratitude
Steadfastly til the end

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

Also published on Medium.

One thought on “53. The Wind Of Change

  1. I break the spells that keep me caught up in the need to be respectable. I break the spells that keep me caught up in the distraction of chaos instead of the real work of defining what I want through understanding what is most meaningful to me. I break the spells of my inheritances that have kept me frozen in the lie that I am not enough. To all that has held me back from believing that I am able to transform my situation through my own dedication I say, with love and light, goodbye.

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