51. Choose Your Words Wisely

wordsI was having a conversation this past week with a close friend. Both of us are in very transitional periods in our lives, with many upcoming changes and challenges confronting us. A statement was made saying, “Here’s the deal, life is just really difficult.” Although it seems like a rather truthful and benign comment, it didn’t sit well with me. I made a suggestion to consider revising that statement to “life is really challenging,” and here’s why.

I believe our words carry great weight. I also believe our thoughts, feelings, and words all have specific frequencies and vibrations that play a significant role in what manifests in our lives. In the years I have been in practice, there is one thing I have seen come to pass again and again, without exception. If someone thinks their life is going to be difficult, then it’s going to be. If someone believes, thinks, and speaks they will never be well, then they are absolutely correct, and they never will be. If an individual expects the worst, then they will most assuredly experience it. Yet very seldom do we really discuss in detail the role that our words play in bringing about our future.

One of my favorite books is “Power vs. Force,” by David R. Hawkins. In his book, he discusses in such great detail the different levels of consciousness, the world view those different levels instill within us, and the accompanying emotional mindset and verbiage that often result from the particular level of consciousness we may be viewing life through at the time. When one begins studying frequency and understanding the role it plays in every single area of our lives, the influence of language upon behavior and outcomes becomes glaringly apparent.

It was important to somehow help my friend understand the seriousness of a slight change in verbiage, as I recognized the current choice was shooting them in the foot. By speaking and truly believing life was difficult, that was insuring that the future brought about those expected results. I wanted so much better for them! The point I wanted to get across was that yes, life can be challenging at times, but those challenges present incredible opportunities for us to dig down and do the work necessary to grow and catapult us into new positive places we may never have dreamed of otherwise, had we just been content where we were. There is a huge vibrational shift between using the words difficult and challenging. One engenders toil, strife, and continual struggle, while the other presents possibilities, potential, and hope!

I can tell you that for most of my life, my words were not monitored at all. I spoke whatever popped into my head and rarely thought twice about it. I found myself back peddling often, retracting statements that were not well thought out and sometimes hurtful, speaking quite poorly of myself and others, and never really even considering what role my own mouth was playing in my current demise. Looking back, I can say with absolute certainty that I did quite a bit of damage to both myself and others in my wake.

Today, I choose my words carefully, sometimes painstakingly, as I’m well aware how incredibly powerful they are, and the role they play in bringing about my future. If I want that future to be positive, hopeful, vibrant, successful, abundant, peaceful, loving, and fun, then it’s important that I not limit those possibilities by my own tongue. I’ve made a rule for myself that before I speak, I need to closely scrutinize each word I’m about to put out there, making sure there’s not a better, more positive option that resonates at a higher frequency. When I first started doing this, I felt pretty goofy! Someone would ask me a question, and it might be a good 10 seconds before I answered. That lag time was a little uncomfortable, but nowhere near as uncomfortable as the results of my loose lips, had I just let things fly! I rarely have lag time like that these days, as with practice I’ve pretty much retrained myself to default to higher frequency thoughts, concepts, and words. That’s not saying I never make mistakes or say something stupid, but it’s a rare occasion, rather than a continual spectacle! I want my words to precipitate hope, unconditional love, encouragement, healing, abundance, and all the other amazing attributes I want to see come to fruition in both my life and the lives of others.

My challenge for us all is to take a few seconds to seriously consider our words before they escape our lips. The tongue is a strong member that literally has the power to wield life and death in its hands. Let’s make the choices necessary to use it for good, positive outcomes!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

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