24. Journey By My Side

Journey by my sideAt the end of this life, I want to sit beside the one I love, holding hands in silence and knowing I have been known, fully loved and understood. No words are necessary to speak the volumes created by time and sharing this life together. The years will have woven together fragile, single strands into tapestries of passion, adventure, shared experiences and fond memories. Though struggles will surely come, the depth and respect gained from difficulty will be the stones that pave the way to deeper intimacy and being truly known. What fear is there when all is known and yet unconditional love still abounds? What obstacle cannot be conquered by such hope and commitment? It is when selflessness reigns and self-servitude fades, that one is truly found behind the mask. Who dares that level of transparency along side another? Incredible meaning is to be found at these often unexplored depths, yet this is not for the weary and vulnerability is the right of passage. So for now I sit alone, the distance in my sights, hoping for one to appear on the future horizon who wishes to journey by my side.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

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