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81. Does Creativity Have To Come From Suffering?

I saw this post recently, and some very interesting responses to it on a friends wall. Does creativity have to come from suffering? I don’t believe it does. This is simply my perspective, but thought it was worth sharing. The link to the original article is below, for reference.

As an artist in many forms (music, writing, and more) I used to think all works were driven from struggle, pain, and suffering, as all of mine once were. As I’ve done more deep, internal soul work to address my core false beliefs and emotional issues (and believe me, that’s a continual process), I’m learning that pain and suffering can be drivers, but are not requirements for creativity. As  matter of fact, I’m far more creative and passionate than I’ve ever been in my life, without coming from a place of strife. I found that mindset was an underlying narrative that was not rooted in truth, it had simply been my experience up to that point, but thankfully that has shifted!

Creativity can just as easily, and often more intensely, come with great joy, ease, and passion, if that’s the experience we choose to have and expect. Much of it is a choice regarding how we view things, and the lens through which we view our world, which is the determining factor here, along with our level of consciousness and frequency.

I take into great consideration the emotional space I’m inhabiting when I create anything, as there’s a correlating energy created with it that impacts the reader. What I want to pass on through my work is love, encouragement, grace, joy, and peace. If all my creation comes from pain, that’s the energy I’m putting forth and not what I want those experiencing my work to encounter. The pieces that have been written from painful experiences certainly address the difficulties, yet also resolve with hope and awareness there is light at the end of the often dark tunnel, and both a purpose and exit strategy for the difficulties experienced.

I was shocked to see how many truly believed suffering was a requirement for their creativity, as I once did. It makes for a very unnecessarily tumultuous life. It also solidifies and emblazons the depression and negativity we see rampant in our culture today. I encourage everyone to consider creativity in a different light! It not only transforms us, but everyone else our work touches!

Love & Light,
Laura 🙂



Does Creativity Have To Come From Suffering?

Does Creativity Have to Come from Suffering?

80. We Cannot Do This Alone, Nor Were We Ever Intended To

Here’s my latest observation in my own life, though I can’t speak for others. In the midst of our deepest struggles, we have a tendency to pull away in fear and isolate, not recognizing that the deepest camaraderie we hold with select others, is what encourages and supports us when we are not in a place to correctly support ourselves. We cannot do this alone, nor were we ever intended to.

It is the choice of the ego/mind to isolate, protecting our vulnerability and keeping our deepest secrets and fears hidden (this is shame, though it is falsely masked as strength). Only ego/mind entreats us to handle our issues alone, with a false narrative of safety and courageous strength!

The greatest courage is found in vulnerability and the willingness to let others partake in the sharing of our heavy load, where energy and strength can be imparted by another, when ours has waned. We are never alone in our struggles. Though we often feel very solitary, there are so many others who face our same battles, and we are here to love, support, encourage, and lend strength to one another, without judgment! That is our greatest gift and purpose!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby


79. Defending My Beliefs

Perception is a fascinating thing! I used to believe everything I knew to be true was unquestionably so, and I was willing to go to the ends of the earth defending my beliefs. My how things have changed! I still have incredibly strong beliefs and convictions, yet how I process that information is so very different!

In the past, as someone presented their perspective, I was busy formulating my argument to crush the opposition and prove why I was correct. I was highly skilled in debate and rarely lost an argument. My mother said I missed my calling as a defense attorney! Yes, a bit of ego resided there, but I could more appropriately call it a huge dose of fear and cognitive dissonance, as if all I believed crumbled, where would that leave me? Certainly not in a place of safety or feeling secure.

The difference now is that I listen to all sides and perspectives judiciously. Weighing heavily all information against what I currently believe to be true. I consider everything. What I’ve found is sometimes my perspective is correct, many times it may be partially correct but in need of adjustment, but sometimes it’s just flat wrong and needs to be completely shifted.

My greatest obstacle to growth was the belief I was right. By being open to other possibilities, I unlocked the door to expansion I never could have imagined. By simply saying it was possible that I could be wrong, therefore it was in my best interest to listen and discern, I began to change, and without a doubt for the better.

My greatest lessons have taught me that the more I learn, the more I realize I know very little and am far better served by listening intently, rather than speaking. I forget that at times, but it’s never long before I’m quickly reminded. I pray that I always remain in a state of possibility, willing to look at and consider everything presented, before discarding anything from the place of me knowing better.

We are all here to love, encourage, support, and teach one another. May we ALWAYS be open to each of these as we journey forward.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby