Monthly Archives: December 2016

66. Kicking Blame To The Curb

blameI’m kicking blame to the curb and I’m so grateful I have been shown the role it was playing in my life, and have been given the grace to release it! The majority of my years have been viewed through the lens of victimhood and blame, which has left me imprisoned in more ways than you can imagine. The chronic, underlying, internal discourse looked something like this:

“If (insert name or circumstance) would have just (done or not done whatever), I would not be in my current circumstance, or I would be able to change it.”

Bottom line, we always have the option to change our current circumstances, but often fear, which comes in many forms, will keep us from doing so. It is then that blame kicks in, as justification for staying right where we are.  Yet we often will not take any personal responsibility for our circumstance or state. The fact that I was angered by just hearing that statement should have been a red flag to look a bit deeper and question why, as anger is always a defense mechanism and points to hidden internal issues revolving around fears.

I am profoundly grateful today that blame has been booted. I’m not saying I don’t ever experience it any longer, but I can say that when it tries to rear its ugly head, it’s generally recognized quickly and evicted in very short order! We all have times we slip up and need to reevaluate. The first question becomes, “Is this behavior the rare exception, or the rule?” Secondly, when those occasions happen, how long do we allow ourselves to stay in that state of blame and victimhood, before acknowledging and engaging in the necessary, corrective actions?

I’m keenly interested in being accountable for both my actions and my inactions, which create my current environment. I’m also eternally thankful to those who speak uncomfortable truths to me in love, exposing what needs to be addressed, that I might learn, grow, and shift accordingly!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby