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59. Letting Go Of The Need To Negatively Question

questionsIn Zen, we don’t find the answers. We lose the questions. ~ Zen Saying

I’ve always been one of those people who questions everything, much to the dismay of many around me! I’ve typically never accepted the status quo and have generally always dug far below the surface to weigh in all factors before making a decision. It’s definitely a characteristic that has served me well in many aspects, yet in some areas, it’s been one of my greatest obstacles.

I might even go as far as to say there was a certain pride attached to my incessant need to question, accompanied by somewhat of an annoyance when encountering those who preferred to suspend logic and accept anything simply on the word of another. Yes, I’m quite aware how that all sounds, not very appealing, and I’m equally aware I am guilty as you may be charging, based on these statements.

Much has changed in my life over these last few years, and for that I am grateful. Learning to balance my need for questioning and the quieting of an overactive ego has not come easily, and it’s something I still struggle with periodically today, though it’s becoming easier with practice. I often find myself between a rock and a hard place, as in today’s society, we are ruled by media indoctrination, advertising bias, and scientific fraud. These are mostly carried out in the name of the all mighty dollar. Learning to separate fact from fiction has become onerous at best, and can become all-consuming if one is not careful. This is sadly the state I found myself in not that long ago, where the quest to prove truth nearly destroyed me.

I have always been one to champion truth and question intensively until I arrived there. There yet comes a point in time where we become so consumed with the questioning that we lose sight of what’s important. In my past few years, there’s been a significant shift in how and what I am willing to question and pursue. I’ve learned that what we focus on and invest our energy in greatly expands. If that focus is zeroed in on the massive injustices in this world, all that is wrong, and the fighting against those who perpetrate such, there are far more negatives than positives that result.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a sick child, it is most definitely in your best interest to do some serious questioning, digging, and research. There are some questions that must be asked. It is then what we do with that information and how we choose to process what we’ve learned that becomes important. There are also some questions that simply do not need to be asked, and learning to discern such is a skill I wish I had learned much earlier in life!

I’ve come to a place where I’m finished fighting and deeply researching simply to prove my point and further an agenda. I no longer have the desire to set out with the intention of destroying all that seems evil or incomprehensible in my view. I no longer have the need to be right, win the war, or to argue my points to prove what I believe to be the truth. It’s an exhausting exercise in futility. I’ve learned that people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves, therefore seeking a greater depth is both ineffective and unproductive. That doesn’t mean that individuals can’t grow and learn, but they must have done adequate internal work to be at a place they are seeking that knowledge. We cannot simply impose our thoughts and beliefs on others, though we see it happen daily.

I’ve also determined that we, without question, always find what we seek. If I spend my time looking for evil, that’s exactly what I will find. If I scour society to expose injustices, I will most assuredly encounter many. Yet what we often don’t consider is what we conjure within ourselves when we seek such. Negativity breeds negativity. Those of you who have followed me for any period of time know I speak continually about frequency and how it impacts our physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies on all levels. When we choose to focus on the negative within our world, our frequency and vibration are significantly impacted in ways that are often dismissed, but profoundly adverse nonetheless. Focusing on the negative for so many years impacted my health and wellness in ways I can’t begin to articulate.

I have made the conscious choice to no longer engage in the negative. Without question, it abounds, yet I am choosing to look for the good in all things. That doesn’t mean I may not slip into old behavior from time to time, but I pray I catch it quickly and swiftly bring it to an end. I am no longer asking questions that create conflict, I’m rather choosing to ask questions that lead to growth and expansion, positive improvement, and an increase in the frequencies that foster love, peace, joy, acceptance, and healing! Interestingly enough, I’ve also found that when I seek these positives, I find them! So I suppose what I’ve learned is choose carefully what you seek and question, for you will undoubtedly find exactly what you’re looking for, whether negative or positive. I am choosing to expand that which is good, as there is no question in this day and age there is a far greater need to expand such things.

I have become more at ease with the understanding I am not in control and will never have all the answers, nor do I need them. I have also learned it requires much less effort to trust placing my focus on the good will yield the positive outcomes I truly need and desire. This is where I hope my focus will remain, both now and in the future.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

58. Ordinary People Stepping Into Extraordinary Roles

ordinary-peopleA Common Misconception About Qualifications

There’s a common misconception about qualifications for service and greatness. Far too many believe they are unworthy or inadequate in one way or another, to be of any significant use in touching the lives of others in profound and life-changing ways. I spoke to a friend earlier today  who was dismissing her opportunities, as she didn’t believe she had the education or proper training to be taken seriously in the area she was passionate about. It saddened me, as I know her well and her amazing heart would profoundly impact others, if only she believed. I stand to challenge that notion today.

The Least Likely Candidates Have Accomplished Some Amazing Things

Throughout history, some of the greatest feats have been carried out by the least likely of candidates. In most cases, the only qualifications were willingness, passion, determination, and a belief and faith they could make some kind of a difference. Those driven by a passionate, humbled, loving heart have the ability to break through the walls of obstruction in ways intellectual knowledge cannot fathom. It is there transformation happens and lives are changed.

What Matters Is The Condition Of The Heart

I have seen all sides of the talent pool, from the most highly educated, to the homeless and downtrodden. What I can tell you without hesitation is that the condition of the heart is of the greatest significance when it comes to connecting with and touching the lives of others. People could care less what you know (ego), they want to know that you care (love)!

We Are Called To Love

It is in setting aside preconceived, perceptional values about ourselves, and stepping fully into the realm of possibilities, that the bright light within us illuminates the darkened shadows of others. We are all called to love. There is no resume that counts us worthy of such, there is only willingness and a desire to make a difference, that open the door to this extraordinary role in positively impacting others.

Be Available And Willing

I have found myself among the ordinary people who are willing to be used daily in the lives of others. Not because I have any extraordinary skills, but because I am available and willing. When available and willing, we become a conduit for the necessary energy and love required to carry out the purposes at hand. Those are not my skills, but rather Source working through me, to meet the needs of others. It’s not about me, my skills or lack thereof. It’s about being open and willing to be used when the opportunities arise.

Shine Your Light Brightly

I’m a firm believer God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. When the time arises and I respond to the need at hand willingly, the words, tools, and skills needed are always at my disposal, even when I have no advanced training in such! Be willing to step out, knowing what you need to carry out your role, whatever that is, will be provided as it’s needed. Shine your light brightly and go illuminate the lives of those put in your path. There is nothing more fulfilling!

Ordinary People

It doesn’t matter what you have
Or who you claim to be
Whether unschooled and a pauper
Or a seasoned Ph.D.
It’s ordinary people
Our God uses every day
To walk beside the struggling
And assist them on the way
Yes, it’s ordinary people
Who reflect our Father’s face
And most often who He chooses
To convey His love and grace
Though they seem as nothing special
Those faithful few so plain
Are the ordinary servants
He has chosen in His name

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

57. Come Up Higher – A Reprieve For The Heavy-Hearted

heavy-heartA reprieve for the heavy-hearted is in great need this day. We live in an age that is no longer simple. Simplicity was traded for advancement, profit, greed, and a busy life that keeps our minds in constant reeling mode. Rather than living fully to love, serve, heal, and advance one another, we now endlessly toil to simply exist. The stress of this alone can be overwhelming, but when the additional difficulties life deals us are added to the mix, it can be challenging to remain standing. It’s now a world that constantly lays claim to more of what we have, when no rightful claim stands. In exchange, we have lost the complexity of our inner selves, as we no longer have time to tend the embers that grow gravely weak within and are the true source of love and joy within our lives. It need not be this way.

I pray for all who are weary, heavy-hearted and hurting today. I ask for the strength for each grieving soul to look to a higher place for comfort, while going deep within to do the necessary healing work that only God can accomplish when our hearts are wounded, yet attuned and willing. When in the greatest depths of our despair, there is always a road that leads back to the higher places. Yes, I know that sounds far too easy and possibly even trite to those who have been wandering difficult roads for far too long. Yet, I can say with confidence and personal experience it exists. I’ve found it many times prior, and trust it will always be there again when needed, as hindsight holds my proof and that of many others before me.

Where we focus our hearts and our energy is what expands. To find the higher roads, we must make the often difficult choice to look away from the pain, and seek to identify the beauty that still remains. Those higher frequencies become a healing balm to injured souls. Those who choose to remain focused on the pain often do not heal. The higher road is most definitely there, though difficult to see when our lens is fogged and clouded from our grief and tears. Look up, and when no way is clear, ask for directions! Your higher road is just ahead, waiting for you to take those first steps in a new direction.

This is something I wrote that I hope serves as an encouragement.

Come Up Higher

When endless days and sleepless nights
Have had the best of me
When troubles and confusion
Seem to be all that I see
When tribulation takes its toll
And I’ve been through the fire
I see my Father motioning
For me to come up higher
To take me from this state of mind
That keeps me bound in sin
To help me think eternally
Of all I have through Him
To bring my thoughts above the realm
Of which I grow so tired
I hear His spirit beckoning
For me to come up higher
Though bodily an anchor
There’s the choice to rise above
By focusing my heart and soul
On my God who is Love
With eyes fixed on my blessings
I can walk above the mire
Because I chose to follow Him
When He said come up higher

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby


56. Speaking Your Mind In Love

speak-your-mindLack Of Effective Communication Ruins Relationships

Over the last few years, one thing I have seen consistently ruin relationships has been a lack of effective communication. There are so many different reasons we choose to bottle our emotions and not tell others what we are thinking and feeling. Sometimes it’s just flat-out pride! Other times we are concerned that others might not agree with our viewpoint. Quite often, we are afraid of rejection and hurt, if the other person turns away from us based on what has been spoken.

Stuffing Feelings Leads To Frustration, Anger, And Resentment

Let’s face it, most of us just don’t like to create chaos, drama or confrontation, so it appears much easier to just hold our tongue and move on. But are we really moving on? Usually not! In fact, more often than not, and whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, stuffing our feelings and opinions only leads to frustration, anger, and resentment down the road. Especially if it’s a common practice.

Freely Speaking Keeps A Short Account Of Wrongs

Learning to speak our mind and heart is a skill that often feels uncomfortable when we first begin practicing it. Yet, with time I learned it was the most freeing exercise I have ever experienced, and I wish I had learned the skill much earlier in life! There is just something powerful about truthfully communicating in a deep and meaningful way with others, that allows our souls to soar. Freely speaking keeps a very short account of wrongs. If you immediately discuss things that bother you, they are dealt with right away and not able to fester or create a much more difficult and damaging circumstance.

Do Not Let The Sun Go Down On Unresolved Concerns

My rule of thumb is the moment something bothers me, I address it. I rarely let the sun go down on my concerns or go to bed with unresolved issues. Once in while there may be a circumstance out of my control that doesn’t provide an immediate opportunity to be addressed, but that’s usually not the case.

Taking Responsibility For Our Feelings Helps Us To Let Go

Don’t mistake what I am suggesting as blasting someone, or totally going off on them when they have upset or bothered you! There’s no surer way to cause damage in a relationship. What I am suggesting is being able to articulate at all times how you feel about any given circumstance, good, bad, or indifferent, in complete love. Often by simply discussing things we may not be 100% OK with, we are able to resolve the issues keeping us conflicted to a point of releasing them and no longer being bound by their power. This can be true in a work environment, in a romantic relationship, or with friends and family members. Learning to speak our mind allows us to take responsibility for our feelings, deal with them, resolve them, and move on. It truly helps us to let go.

Our Responsibility Ends With Speaking Our Truth In Love

It’s important to point out that just because we freely share our opinions does not mean they will always be joyfully accepted by those on the receiving end, and that’s totally fine! Our responsibility is to share our hearts and how we feel about things. We cannot take responsibility for how the other person either receives that information, or chooses to process and act upon it, if at all. They are always going to be at a different place in their journey than we are, therefore we have to trust that our responsibility ends with speaking our truth in love. It’s is God’s responsibility to take it from there!

Be Consciously Aware Of Your Words And How They Are Being Presented

Take care to always explain how situations make you feel, rather than coming from a place of judgment or accusation. Advancing from a negative place never gets us anywhere! It took me many years to learn to overcome my fears and actually say what I thought, to be myself and speak my mind, no matter what the reception on the other end. I am cautious to never sugar coat a turd, yet I also never beat someone over the head with my proverbial 2 by 4 either. There is a fine line here that can be easily crossed if you are not consciously aware of your words and how they are being presented.

Help Others Understand What It Is You Are Feeling

I have found the easiest way to do this is by pulling the emotion out of the equation, whenever possible. Stating your perspective and how something made you feel is not up for argument. Though someone might not agree with how you perceived a situation, they cannot deny how it might have made you feel, whether right or wrong. You feel what you feel, period. Sometimes just helping others to understand what we feel about a given situation and why, can help them to better understand our viewpoint and turn the situation completely around.

Honor The Perceptions And Individuality Of Others

At the end of the day, even if the other person does not agree with your thoughts on the topic, I can almost guarantee that you will feel better having discussed it! One quick aside, make sure you stop with communicating how you feel and don’t move into the common mistake of trying to convince others they should feel the same way! That’s not honoring their perceptions and individuality.

Learn To Agree To Disagree

Say what needs to be said and give others the grace to understand your plight, but still disagree if they must. Learning to agree to disagree is one skill that you will do well to adopt early on in life! The sooner the better, as a matter of fact! It’s not only freeing for them, but for us as well.

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Say what you mean, mean what you say, speak your mind in love, and allow others the freedom to acknowledge what you are saying, while still having your respect in their right to disagree. It’s absolutely amazing to see the anger and frustration melt away when this happens and it leads to much healthier, happier relationships across the board!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

55. Living With No Resistance And No Attachment



To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being a certain way, good or bad. ~Eckhart Tolle

We Have A Choice In How We Choose To Respond

Learning to live with no resistance is challenging to say the least. Yet, it’s a skill I intend to continue working towards mastering. Every single day, situations occur in our lives that trigger emotional responses. We have a choice in how we choose to respond. Our head is often the first in line in terms of reactivity, constantly advising us to close off our hearts, build highly reinforced walls, and protect from pain. Sabotage is typically the order of the day, as if we pull away from and damage relationships or situations ourselves, we no longer have to worry about pain at the hands of another.

Choosing Safety And Protection Over Love And Light

When we create resistance to the circumstances in our lives, those protective behaviors keep us from experiencing the grace, ease, and lightness that could so easily be our gifts. The very things we long for are often shuffled away by our own hand, as we choose safety and protection over love and light. I choose to turn away from the reactivity of the mind, and remain fully open, no matter the risk.

Our Hearts Carry The Voice We Should Be Heeding

Our hearts carry the inner voice we should be heeding. The heart beckons us to remain vulnerable and open. Even in discomfort and with risk of potential pain, the heart knows that to fully love and be in a state of ease, we must be laid bare and release perceptions and judgment, which are often finite, faulty, and solely credited to the protective mind.

It Is In Attachment That Fear Becomes Our Master

How does one go about remaining open and not closing off the heart, when fear of impending pain strikes swiftly? It is in attachment that fear becomes our master. The head is ruled by fear, the heart by love. In allowing ourselves to love unconditionally no matter what, while releasing any attachment to outcomes, we are able to engage the highest form of love and disengage the role of the fearful mind. The moment we judge good or bad, safe or risky, we conditionally tie our willingness to love to potential risk and outcomes. This produces nothing but discomfort, fear, and anxiety, which often precipitate damaging, reactive behaviors.

What Is Our Inner Dialog Saying?

It is in recognizing our inner dialog, whether coming from a place of fear (head) or love (heart), that we begin identifying what is ruling us. We can then begin implementing strategies to shift away from the protective mind, and to the always open and loving heart.

When The Heart Leads, The Mind Is Relaxed

In the book, “The Heartmath Solution,” we learn that when we allow our hearts to lead, our minds become more relaxed and anxiety actually decreases. It’s quite the opposite from what the fearful mind continually warns us.  Our mind is constantly reinforcing false beliefs that cause us to want to remain in an isolated, protective mode.

Releasing Others From Responsibility

It is only through doing the deep, internal soul work, that we are led to a place of understanding that only we are responsible for our own happiness, contentment, and feelings of being complete. We can then release others from these responsibilities and any sense of attachment. In doing so, we allow ourselves to love fully, with hearts wide open, maintaining complete vulnerability, and releasing the fears that attend the belief others have a say in our happiness and outcomes. Others can certainly accompany us along our journey and add immeasurably to our quality of life, yet the choice of whether or not to be happy resides with us alone.

Are We Acting In Love, Or Reacting In Fear?

There are only 2 forces at work in this universe… love and a lack thereof. The next time we feel ourselves shutting down or closing off in the face of potential fears, we need to stop and ask, “Are we acting in love, or reacting in fear?” It’s important to recognize that when we truly act in unconditional love, with no attachments and no expectations, there is nothing we stand to lose and our heart can only expand. It is only when expectations fail, that we become disappointed, wounded, and pained. I choose unconditional love, and when fear does pop up from time to time, I choose to dismiss it and love unconditionally and fiercely anyway.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby