Daily Archives: November 21, 2016

65. Living In The Land Of Limbo

mirage-smallI’ve been living far too long in the land of limbo. Having emerged from my past, heart worn and tattered, yet surprisingly intact; it continues beating for this day alone, as today is all we have. My yesterdays are long gone, but my tomorrows are so far ahead in the distance they appear as a mirage, evaporating as I take each step closer. I suppose our tomorrows will always remain untouchable, looming in the distance as a yearning force to drive us forward. Yet without their call, leading me onward towards possibility and promise, I would likely sink into the dark abyss of oblivion. I am grateful for those impalpable longings, as they’ve brought me this far. They have instilled hope and have driven me to keep moving when one more step seemed irrelevant or impossible.

What I’ve learned is those mirages, the hopes, dreams, and goals we see in our distant future, are necessary to maintain our forward momentum. When we stop dreaming, we begin dying. However, our perceptions of yesterday and our thoughts and dreams of tomorrow were never designed to keep us from living in our present moment. We find ourselves in the land of limbo when we’re either trapped in our yesterdays, or grasping for our tomorrows, while oblivious to the beauty we inhabit in this very moment and the opportunities it unfolds.

I’ve spent far too many years disconnecting from my present. As I’ve relived the past in my mind and ached for a future that swept me away, my days have passed unlived and indiscriminate. That’s not living, it’s simply existing and it’s time for that to change. By staying in limbo, I’m robbing the world of the influence and interaction I was designed to fulfill. When I catch myself reminiscing in my past too fondly, or escapingĀ  my present as I dream about my future and ache for my longings, I am learning to shift my awareness back to this moment and what I should be engaging in right now. Don’t misunderstand meā€¦ plans, goals, and dreams are necessary to move ahead and attain those things we need to accomplish. Escaping into our dreams, whether that of the past or the future, to avoid our present, is another thing entirely.

I’m committed to living fully in the present. By wholly engaging in this moment, I’m changing my trajectory. I’m collaborating with the awe I find myself surrounded by. I’m allowing myself to feel and experience everything, no matter what. I’m merging synergistically with the love, light, and energy of everything positive I encounter, and there’s a lot of it to see, now that I’m truly looking. My prayer for us all is to stay present, limit our time in limbo, and focus completely on what it is we are to engage in and accomplish this day alone. Today is all we have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will always be in the future. It is the right now that we exist in, and we have a choice as to whether or not we will live it, or allow it to pass by unengaged. I am choosing to live fully and not miss another thing. Will you join me?

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby