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58. Ordinary People Stepping Into Extraordinary Roles

ordinary-peopleA Common Misconception About Qualifications

There’s a common misconception about qualifications for service and greatness. Far too many believe they are unworthy or inadequate in one way or another, to be of any significant use in touching the lives of others in profound and life-changing ways. I spoke to a friend earlier today ¬†who was dismissing her opportunities, as she didn’t believe she had the education or proper training to be taken seriously in the area she was passionate about. It saddened me, as I know her well and her amazing heart would profoundly impact others, if only she believed. I stand to challenge that notion today.

The Least Likely Candidates Have Accomplished Some Amazing Things

Throughout history, some of the greatest feats have been carried out by the least likely of candidates. In most cases, the only qualifications were willingness, passion, determination, and a belief and faith they could make some kind of a difference. Those driven by a passionate, humbled, loving heart have the ability to break through the walls of obstruction in ways intellectual knowledge cannot fathom. It is there transformation happens and lives are changed.

What Matters Is The Condition Of The Heart

I have seen all sides of the talent pool, from the most highly educated, to the homeless and downtrodden. What I can tell you without hesitation is that the condition of the heart is of the greatest significance when it comes to connecting with and touching the lives of others. People could care less what you know (ego), they want to know that you care (love)!

We Are Called To Love

It is in setting aside preconceived, perceptional values about ourselves, and stepping fully into the realm of possibilities, that the bright light within us illuminates the darkened shadows of others. We are all called to love. There is no resume that counts us worthy of such, there is only willingness and a desire to make a difference, that open the door to this extraordinary role in positively impacting others.

Be Available And Willing

I have found myself among the ordinary people who are willing to be used daily in the lives of others. Not because I have any extraordinary skills, but because I am available and willing. When available and willing, we become a conduit for the necessary energy and love required to carry out the purposes at hand. Those are not my skills, but rather Source working through me, to meet the needs of others. It’s not about me, my skills or lack thereof. It’s about being open and willing to be used when the opportunities arise.

Shine Your Light Brightly

I’m a firm believer God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. When the time arises and I respond to the need at hand willingly, the words, tools, and skills needed are always at my disposal, even when I have no advanced training in such! Be willing to step out, knowing what you need to carry out your role, whatever that is, will be provided as it’s needed. Shine your light brightly and go illuminate the lives of those put in your path. There is nothing more fulfilling!

Ordinary People

It doesn’t matter what you have
Or who you claim to be
Whether unschooled and a pauper
Or a seasoned Ph.D.
It’s ordinary people
Our God uses every day
To walk beside the struggling
And assist them on the way
Yes, it’s ordinary people
Who reflect our Father’s face
And most often who He chooses
To convey His love and grace
Though they seem as nothing special
Those faithful few so plain
Are the ordinary servants
He has chosen in His name

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby