Daily Archives: November 5, 2016

57. Come Up Higher – A Reprieve For The Heavy-Hearted

heavy-heartA reprieve for the heavy-hearted is in great need this day. We live in an age that is no longer simple. Simplicity was traded for advancement, profit, greed, and a busy life that keeps our minds in constant reeling mode. Rather than living fully to love, serve, heal, and advance one another, we now endlessly toil to simply exist. The stress of this alone can be overwhelming, but when the additional difficulties life deals us are added to the mix, it can be challenging to remain standing. It’s now a world that constantly lays claim to more of what we have, when no rightful claim stands. In exchange, we have lost the complexity of our inner selves, as we no longer have time to tend the embers that grow gravely weak within and are the true source of love and joy within our lives. It need not be this way.

I pray for all who are weary, heavy-hearted and hurting today. I ask for the strength for each grieving soul to look to a higher place for comfort, while going deep within to do the necessary healing work that only God can accomplish when our hearts are wounded, yet attuned and willing. When in the greatest depths of our despair, there is always a road that leads back to the higher places. Yes, I know that sounds far too easy and possibly even trite to those who have been wandering difficult roads for far too long. Yet, I can say with confidence and personal experience it exists. I’ve found it many times prior, and trust it will always be there again when needed, as hindsight holds my proof and that of many others before me.

Where we focus our hearts and our energy is what expands. To find the higher roads, we must make the often difficult choice to look away from the pain, and seek to identify the beauty that still remains. Those higher frequencies become a healing balm to injured souls. Those who choose to remain focused on the pain often do not heal. The higher road is most definitely there, though difficult to see when our lens is fogged and clouded from our grief and tears. Look up, and when no way is clear, ask for directions! Your higher road is just ahead, waiting for you to take those first steps in a new direction.

This is something I wrote that I hope serves as an encouragement.

Come Up Higher

When endless days and sleepless nights
Have had the best of me
When troubles and confusion
Seem to be all that I see
When tribulation takes its toll
And I’ve been through the fire
I see my Father motioning
For me to come up higher
To take me from this state of mind
That keeps me bound in sin
To help me think eternally
Of all I have through Him
To bring my thoughts above the realm
Of which I grow so tired
I hear His spirit beckoning
For me to come up higher
Though bodily an anchor
There’s the choice to rise above
By focusing my heart and soul
On my God who is Love
With eyes fixed on my blessings
I can walk above the mire
Because I chose to follow Him
When He said come up higher

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby