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42. What Is It That You’re Really Seeking?

hollowWhat Is It That You’re Really Seeking?

This is a question that has continually come up for me over the last few years as I’ve done my own internal digging, as well as assisting many others through this process. What is it we really want from life and why? What is driving our desires and what does it say about the internal condition of our being? What are we willing to sacrifice to get there? These are such important questions, and they’re inquiries I pursue and dig deeply to understand about myself daily.

Ego, Self Glorification, And Gratification Of All Kinds

We live in such a fast paced, highly charged, yet rather messed up world today. No matter which direction we turn, we are confronted with ideals that are built on ego, self glorification, and gratification of all kinds. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with pursuing the things we want in life. Yet, I am suggesting we had better deeply contemplate the WHY behind them.

Where Has Life Gone And How Did We Get Lost In The Process?

Our conscious minds do such an amazing job of telling us what we want to hear. There is no one better at stroking our ego than our own conscious mind, though we rarely recognize it as such. The justifications behind why we seek and believe what we do are never-ending, and rarely a true representation of what’s actually going on. If we don’t begin breaking down these charades and confronting those tough, underlying false beliefs, eventually we wake up one day and wonder where life has gone and how we became so lost and empty in the process. Yet most choose to put off those questions until tomorrow, or the next day, week, or month. We have this belief that we have plenty of time, so we’ll get to it in the near future! Be careful… 50 years passes in the blinking of the eye and tomorrow is promised to no one. I’m choosing to address those issues today. I want to fully step into my true, authentic self, and live whatever remaining life I have in the most veritable and fulfilling way possible.

What’s Important And Why?

Gang, this world not just about the physical! Yes, the physical is important, but what we put into our body is far more important than how it appears. What we put in equates to not just the foods we eat (We should be eating organic, whole, real foods), but also what we put in spiritually (What are we exposing ourselves to both in terms of environment and people?), and energetically (What are we doing daily to impact and raise our frequency?). The reality is, if we’re proactively doing nothing, our frequency is plummeting. Our frequency, believe it or not, is the single most contributory factor in determining our quality of life. We can have a rock hard body, but a low frequency and a stunted, highly toxic soul. How is that beneficial, especially once the physical fades? Let me be clear, the physical always eventually dilutes and when it does, what we have cultivated inside is what remains. I want to be fit physically (working on that one), but also emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. Pursuing anything less is obsolete to me, any way you slice it. I am longing for the real, and the authentic, not the quick fix, fun, ego, or plastic. The latter shtick is a dime a dozen and there’s no meaning of any depth to be found there. Don’t, however, make the mistake of believing that the real and authentic can’t be fun too. I’m proving that wrong day after day!

Why Are We Drawn To The Things That We Are?

We need to start asking WHY we are drawn to the things we are. Those are hard questions, but they must be asked! Many of us are allured to extremely toxic, detrimental things, that bring immediate gratification, yet devastate the soul. It’s quite often a self-fulfilling prophecy we continue to replay again and again, wondering each time why the outcome isn’t different. There can be tremendous pleasure in gratification for a season, but in the end, the hollowness that resides within screams far louder and longer than the enjoyment it provided. At what point do we truly begin seeking what fills the soul? What if we identified the things that truly nourish the marrow of our existence in a manner that far outweighs any of the false gratification we previously sought? These depths absolutely exist, but as with any treasure, they require research and digging to find.

The Lack And Longing That Won’t Be Silenced

The difficulty with this line of questioning is that it typically starts with discomfort. That’s something as a society we have become highly skilled in denying at all costs. It calls in the wee hours of the night, when alone and in the dark, we recognize a lack and a longing that just won’t be silenced. More often than not, the answer to that longing is suppressing it with further gratification. Yet once again, the wee hours of the following night always come calling. When all is said and done, ego and gratification can be glorious on parade, but all parades come to an end, and when the circus pulls out of town, we had better be content with what remains within.

Do You Want More?

How long will we wait to begin asking the questions? Some never do, and what a sad testament that is to a life that could have been so much more deeply lived. I can only speak for myself, but I can no longer settle for less. The status quo is no longer bearable and the cry for depth is so far amplified above the calls of the ego it’s deafening. What I’m learning at each new expansion is the degree of satisfaction and benefit so far outweigh any of the unpleasantness experienced to get there. Life is short and the question remains reverberating in the hollows… Do you want more? If you answer yes, then join me and let’s get those questions out on the table. Tomorrow may never come.

This is a poem I wrote several years back that’s been amended as I’ve learned more. I pray it speaks hope to you!

The Hollow Spot

Within us lies the hollow spot
That we can never fill
Though joy we find in many things
It looms within us still
The shape of our possessions
And the loves we hold so true
Don’t fit this missing puzzle piece
Inside of me and you
As we often try to silence it
We hear the groaning cry
There is nothing we can offer
In this space to satisfy
So we cry out in frustration
Oh dear God what does it take
To complete this hollow spot in us
And stop this constant ache
Then He quietly reveals to us
We have to go within
Forsaking all external and dissecting what has been
So that now we truly comprehend
He has a better way
That not only fills the hollow spot
But takes the pain away

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby