Daily Archives: September 21, 2016

37. Is Consciousness In Conflict With Christianity?

love-is-my-religion-emily-michaudFar too many associate the word “unconsciousness” with new age jargon and immediately throw it out the window as an affront to Christianity. We’ve been taught to build walls with certain “idealogical buzz words”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. To be “conscious and awakened” is living and viewing things through the lense of our Creator. It’s being fully aware of and engaged in our present. It’s about discerning, seeking truth, expanding and growing (physically, emotionally, spiritually, & energetically), as well as ¬†evolving (learning new things, then changing our life accordingly). As Christians, we should be ever conscious, awakened to what it is He has for us to learn and engage in today. All while evolving in the sense we are moving away from the old and embracing the new as we learn and grow.

Most of our society today (sadly including many of our churches) is quite comfortable in a state of unawareness,  asleep at the wheel. So busy with the duties of daily life (work, home, family, church, & policing where others are out of line), that we have precious little (if any) time to do our own personal, deep, intensive soul work. That work is where we spend the internal quiet time actually looking at the areas of false beliefs, pain, trauma, and emotional debris within us. These create the impenetrable walls we have erected around our hearts. These separate us not only from deep meaningful relationships with others, but from God as well. So yes, true wisdom does come from God, but many who are yet still alseep, though convinced they are not, will often not recognize it as such.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no conflict. Oh sure, there are fringe populations within any group that take literal meanings to a further destination than they ought,