Daily Archives: September 17, 2016

35. Rewind

letgoWe often hear that hindsight is 20/20. While there’s a great deal of truth in that statement, hindsight is meant to be accessed as a temporal tool. It’s a means to gain momentary insight from the past, so those truths can be applied proactively in our future. A problem arises when hindsight becomes a state of being, rather than a periodic reflection. Living within that continual microscope of the past, calls into question actions and decisions that are no longer within our power to change.

We have been given the incredible gift of starting over each and every day. Those unresolved situations can eat us alive if we continue to ruminate on them. Considering the “what if’s” that could have potentially brought different outcomes, changes nothing and only adds to our discontent. There was a time when this was my continual state. The energy poured into past events beyond my control, robbed me of the joy I could have been experiencing in the moment. I share this poem as a reminder that we don’t have to rewind to find the peace and gratitude that comes with moving on from our past! We don’t need a do over! I’ve learned to set aside my regrets, and place my focus and energy in the present.

Today is the day to leave the past behind us and move forward in grace, truth, and gratitude! I encourage each of us to release a person or situation that still resides in those uncharted waters of our unresolved past. It is our choices and actions, and ours alone, that can free us from the bondage of the weight we have carried for so many years. I challenge us to close one of those chapters in the book of our lives today. Feel the freedom that comes with truly letting go. Share your gratitude in a journal entry about the situation or in a letter to that person imprisoned in your thoughts. There’s no better way to create an environment for healing, for all parties involved, should we choose to partake! Whether others choose to participate or not, our hearts will be remarkably lighter. I can already imagine the gratitude bubbling up to the surface as we release our weights! I hope you’ll join me, as this can be such a freeing exercise.


To go back and begin again
To know what I now know and apply it wisely the second time around
To right my wrongs
To carry out my fallen responsibilities

To love unafraid
To take the chances that fear had paralyzed
To be transparent all along
To feel both joy and pain instead of nothing

To touch the lives of others
To set myself aside and look far beyond
To risk all I have not for my own benefit
To forget my woes and address another’s

To learn to not build walls
To recognize the importance of the whole as well as the pieces
To remove my blinders that my vision might improve
To close my lips that destruction isn’t done

To guard my beliefs and not be swayed
To be a light to those who find themselves in darkness
To be a hand to hold
To help clear a path to follow

To be truly loved while here
To be truly missed when gone
To leave a legacy with significant impact
To know my life was lived with no regrets

This is what I wish if I could only rewind…

This was a poem I wrote many years ago from a place of longing for a better future, while residing in the perpetual past. I now spend my time in the present, with occasional glimpses backwards. The difference in mindset is stunning. I’m grateful for the shift.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby