Monthly Archives: August 2016

21. Heaven On Earth

connectBesides God, who truly knows the depths of our heart? Perhaps a glimpse has been given to those we’ve invited and allowed in. Even then, a full knowing is an uncommon, but coveted thing indeed. Tremendous transparency and trust are needed at these depths, along with a strong sense of self, evidenced from the prior deep soul work that manifested it. One such soul is a rare find. Two such souls would be heaven on earth.

Laura Lum Corby

19. Underlying Sources Of Emotional Stress

triggersLife becomes so much easier to navigate once we truly understand where to look for solutions. The things that upset us are rarely about the outside influences we think are triggering those emotions. They are almost always road signs instructing us to look deep within, to determine the true underlying source of our emotional distress. Our reactivity comes from fears, inadequacies, judgments, beliefs, and perceptions within that are often untrue and needing to be resolved. That person who “made you mad” is just showing you the anger under the surface that has yet to be addressed. That’s our issue, not theirs! Our problems may appear to be coming from outside sources, but they can only trigger what already resides inside us. Looking within & doing the deep, emotional soul work necessary to release those underlying issues and untruths is the only way to be at peace.

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

18. Simply Take The Next Step

stepIf there is one thing I relate to completely right now… THIS IS IT!

Very rarely, if ever in life, do we have the whole picture prior to making necessary decisions. Life is fluid, messy, and changing rapidly from one moment to the next. What was a great idea yesterday, may be detrimental based on today’s circumstances. What may have seemed impossible last year, may be easily accomplished today. The beautiful thing is that we don’t need to have all the answers to simply take the first step. It’s like walking in the dark with a flashlight. You have a limited view, as only a few feet in front of you at a time will be illuminated. No worries! You only need to have the ground illuminated where you’ll be stepping next! One by one, each step is taken. Before you know it, you’ve walked what seemed was an insurmountable distance and arrived at your destination! Stop worrying about anything other than the steps you must take today. Just put one foot in front of the other!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby

17. The Necessity of Crisis

crisisThe Two Sides Of Crisis

A crisis is indeed a two sided coin. There is always a tipping point involved, which so often shows the negative side of the coin first, before it is flipped to reveal the promise on the other side. It is my belief that God never allows us to fall further than we can withstand. The key being we are often shown we are much stronger in God than we believe ourselves to be! Being pushed to the very edges of our being is something that always resolves in incredible growth. Growth doesn’t come without struggle, and sometimes pain, yet the rewards on the other side far outweigh the negatives.

Emotional Setbacks Delay Growth

Even the seedling endures a tremendous amount of stress pushing its way through the earth to finally reach the ground breaking point! Do you think the seed ever wonders if it will make it out of the ground? Does it question whether or not it should continue pressing forth, or just give up and die? Absolutely not! It was created with purpose and continues pushing through until that purpose is completed! In many ways, I envy the seedling! Seedlings don’t have the emotional setbacks we experience, which very often delay or even completely stifle our growth. They also have but one purpose… TO GROW! Their only responsibility is to seek nourishment that has been given to them in their environment and grow, very single-mindedly in purpose. What I see in this example is a very simple blue print! Determine your purpose, and commit to single-mindedly carry out that purpose. Do not be swayed by emotion, distraction, or perceived limitation. Notice I said “perceived” limitation! The only limitations we encounter in this life are those we place upon ourselves, for if no one told us we couldn’t do something, we most certainly would!

Finding Forward Momentum

I often think these brilliant minds we house can be more of a hindrance than a blessing at times! They lead us to what I refer to as the “stuck places”, where we sit idly by, until a crisis shakes us to the core, tipping the scales of our lives just enough to produce forward momentum again. It often takes crisis of some sort to not only get our attention, but to thrust us into action without thought or contemplation first, which likely would have kept us stuck! Over thinking almost always hangs us! A crisis is rarely pleasant while in the midst of it, yet in hindsight we can clearly see the benefits that are yielded. I suppose my encouragement is to look for the possibilities & the opportunities that often reside on the other side of any crisis. Be reminded that often our greatest blessings come from some of our most difficult experiences, which is where the foundations of trust and faith are built.

Love and Light,
Laura Lum Corby

16. Content In This Moment

contentmentIn this crazy, busy, bustling world that’s continually telling us that we must become (fill in the blank) by working hard and making it happen…

Today I’m quite content in the stillness of this moment, recognizing there may be no tomorrow. Therefore, it’s paramount I spend my time being who I am, who I was created to be (vs. who I am told I should be), and engaging in my passion, while helping others TODAY, right now!

This doesn’t mean I make no plans for the future, but it does mean that I embrace and live life to the fullest today, rather than spending 100% of my time killing myself to gain the approval of a tomorrow that I may never see!

I am grateful I’ve been given a gift, a shift in perspective, to help me identify what’s really important in the here and now. There is a virtual cafeteria of things vying for my attention. If I’m not mindful, I could be easily swept up in it all, forgetting my purpose, true identity, exchanging it instead for a time of temporary acceptance and false gratification.

I rather choose the now! Though it may not always appear as exciting, it’s far more rewarding and eternal! It’s who I am, who I choose to continue to be, and who I want to develop further! I’m grateful I’m learning to be content with me, as I am in this very moment, as I’m fearfully & wonderfully made!

Love & Light,
Laura Lum Corby